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5 Reasons Why social media is important for your business

Stop being just a follower and start being a beacon for your business.

You have heard this affirmation before, but probably never took the initiative to develop or even create your social media accounts for many reasons, the most common one being there is not enough time in your day. While this is a reality, social media continues to be the number one method for businesses that offer products and services to maintain their pool of users interested in their brand and reach and expand to new potential markets.

The average social media consumer spends roughly 2 hours and a half per day in the US (and increasing…) Bringing us to the first reason:

  • 1. Everybody has social media! (at least a considerable percentage that allows us to safely claim that)

Your current and your potential market can be reached through your phone, it has never been easier and it’ll continue to be for the foreseeable future. Having and maintaining your social media is critical

  • 2. Social Media, the new window shopping for users.

54% of social browsers use social media to research products according to the GlobalWebIndex ( Most of us have subscribed or purchased something based on a post we saw on Instagram or a video on YouTube, what a better example than that.

  • 3. Marketing made faster and cost-efficient.

Ever wondered what it was like to offer a product in the pre-internet era? Can you imagine how many places where you had to place your ads on to be seen? Banners, Newspapers, brochures, among others. And had to do it again based on marketing needs? The Cost? Wow… Well, I can’t I grew up alongside social media, but it must have been bothersome having to spend time and money on such things. Now, it is easier, free to a certain extent, and faster.  Customers Loyalty for a healthy long term relationship

  • 4. Helps build loyalty to your brand.

“The more advocates you have, the fewer ads you have to buy” – Dharmesh Shah, co-founder and CEO of HubSpot. Let’s do a quick play pretend: You have a restaurant; your customers leave satisfied and glad they finally found their “hidden gem”. “Thank you so much for coming Mr. Customer I’m glad you’re delighted with our food and service, BY THE WAY, please follow us on social media we’ll be glad to service your

friends and family next time.”


  • 5. The most noticeable wins.

The Peacock’s chances are only as good as their tail, the more impressive the tail the better genes they will pass on to their young- according to national geographic. What do these flamboyant birds have to do with your business? Well, unless your business is studying Peacocks or something, it serves us as a great example of how nature once again teaches us a valuable lesson about our cognitive abilities and decision-making in relation to our senses and perception. Yes, it’s good to innovate of course, but when it comes to nature,

 sometimes it’s better to imitate.

Long story short, People are more likely to visit your store if they find you on social media and better yet are more likely to hire your services and buy your products depending on how “flamboyant your social media pages look”.

Successful businesses understand the true and essential value social media has; it is not a bad investment at all to focus on that. However, Focus and experience comes at the expense of time and therefore money, I think unless marketing ideas and strategies are the cornerstones of what you do, you should consider making your social media presence and strategy a pilar your business should stand on.  

try it yourself

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