About the company

Open positions available to work from home, here are some requirements.
– Reliable computer with headsets
– Space free of noises and interruptions
– Reliable internet Connection

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Medical account

We are in charge of a Nationwide Health Awareness campaign. The main purpose it to let people (mostly seniors) know the could medically qualify for one in a life time test CGX (Cancer Genomics Test) or for a PCX (Pharmacogenomics Test) and help with their health in general.

check out our script and notes

Check out here the script to be used to work in this campaign and also the most frequent vocabulary used with patients.

about pollux bpo

Pollux BPO is a start up, family owned contact center, born in Southern California and legally registered in both, USA and El Salvador. COVID 19 hit our industry but not hard enough to make us stop our labors. We are currently deploying work from home alternatives to be able to offer competitive rates and opportunities of growth to our representatives.