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Applying to A sales position in upwork [real text sent to client]

Hey there,

thank you very much for reading one of my posts. I am trying to help people who are trying to get a job or trying to find prospects online. This is just a quick script sample of a real application I sent to a Norwegian Company.

I am following the structure where I present the Issue, then the solution. I hope this helps you out and if you like this, don’t forget to follow us on our social media pages by clicking HERE

script example

Hi there, thank you for the invitation to apply for your position. 

I am interested in this position because I know and have experienced the ups and downs of marketing and the approach to potential customers. 

I have been there when people slam the phone to hang up on you, when they tell you they are not interested, or when they say “take me off your list” and all you hear are no’s most of the day. I am aware of the countless hours it takes to get someone interested and also have to attach to their time and schedule and you have to follow up with them. 

Nowadays, there are many other strategies that can be used rather than calling out people to offer your services. You can use social media tools like Linkedin, to get in touch with decision-makers on a determined business. Create different landing pages and analyze which one performs better in order to create strategies to tackle different interests and trends. 

Grow your audience by inviting them to subscribe any time there is a chance to, maintaining a balance between visuals, text and call to action buttons every time they see your posts, etc. 

All this certainly takes time, brainstorms, reformulations, new ideas, and implementations in order to reach the desired goals and that is a task that any entrepreneur has to accept in order to reach the sweetness of success

I would like to let you know I have experience using LinkedIn and other tools and extensions that help me scrape information online, like who is the person in charge of most websites, other business associates, LinkedIn profiles, etc. I also have experience with Mailchimp as well. I enjoy creating email marketing campaigns, by using a lead conversion proven formula, not too much text, and focusing on headings and font sizes. I will share two examples of landing pages I have created: 

I use Canva to create posts to any platform, any size, do color correction, compose images, layers, fonts, remove backgrounds, etc.

I can use office tools, google sheets, WordPress, Adobe Premiere Pro, CRM tools, Tool integrations, Outlook (Create rules, upload CVS contacts, create distribution lists, etc), and more! 

let me know when is the best time to talk and I will be glad to attach myself to your schedule. I am located in Lancaster, CA. It is PST time here.

Thank you very much and I wish you have a great day!!

Pd. I speak English, Spanish, a little bit of Portuguese, and why not, a little bit of Morse code (I can tap my name and say SOS, you never know!)

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