Call Centers in El Salvador

Call Centers in El Salvador

Call Centers in El Salvador (Outsourcing)

  • Need low-cost sales or support for your business?
  • Frustrated with internal call center Issues?
  • Tired of your current call center agency?
  • Ready to focus on your business – instead of your call center?

With a population of 6.4 million, El Salvador is among the most promising nearshore call center markets. A report by Gallup recently ranked employee engagement in El Salvador the highest among Latin American countries, and higher even than US workers. El Salvador offers many advantages including:

  • 40,000+ English, bilingual and multilingual call center workers.
    San Salvador
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  • Well-educated, technically-skilled millennial workforce.
  • A call center and BPO market valued at $400 million(and growing).
  • A 40-60% cost savings vs. US-based call centers.
  • Geographic proximity and cultural affinity to the US.
  • Less saturated compared to other outsourcing markets.
  • On-premise and work-at-home (WAH) agents.
  • Strong infrastructure, including utilities, transportation, technology and telephony.
  • Central America’s largest airport is El Salvador International Airport.
  • CustomerServ’s call center partners are located in San Salvador’s central business and commercial districts, technical and educational hubs.
  • Compliance includes PCI, SOC II, ISO and HIPAA certification.


Find your El Salvador call center with CustomerServ at no cost to you

  • CustomerServ is “the” nearshore call center and BPO outsourcing expert, responsible for over $2.5 billion outsourcing contracts to date.
  • CustomerServ’s El Salvador call centers are hand-picked by us following intensive and on-site vetting.
  • Mitigate your risk and increase your chances of success with an El Salvador call center, with our knowledge base and expert matchmaking.
  • Our El Salvador call center vendors are leaders in:
    • Customer service
    • Technical support
    • Work-at-home
    • IoT (internet of things)
    • Help desk
    • Telesales
    • Omni-channel
    • Live chat & email
    • Social & digital
    • Back office & collections
    • Financial & Accounting (F&A outsourcing)

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