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Digital banking, Mobile Banking, Neobanks, and other concepts around the Fintech industry [2022]

Digital banking, Mobile Banking, Neobanks, etc. all these concepts sound very young and trendy,  but they are actually the evolution of other ancient financial concepts as the credit cards which were born around the 1950s together with the ATMs, etc., all these things were developed for easy commercial exchange. 

Now, let’s define what is FINTECH? 

Fintech is the conjunction of financial and technologies, basically, it means all those technologies designed for financial purposes.

The pandemic Covid19  has been more than an illness, it is a baseline for many new processes in business and fintech is one of the most developed areas after the start of the Covid19, because of its nature that requires to do not have physical contact among people,  so being digital eases the situation. 

Nowadays, a lot of people is getting used to bank app on their mobile devices, and the distances are inexistent to transfer money when you have all these resources like digital banking,  mobile banking, neobanks, etc.  

What is a NEOBANK?

This a new concept of banks, easy to define, it’s no physical buildings,  they operate from computers, mobile devices, 100% digital.  And what is the main advantage for their customers? we could say that is the optimization of the time,  but besides that, their prices are lower than physical banks. 

As all the businesses are going digital, virtual, etc, also more remote jobs are appearing, more virtual services that are avoiding the customer spending time getting to the physical location to get a service or product, avoiding traffic, etc. 

So, are you ready for this new trend in business?… 

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