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Empathy phrases, Customers hate when agents don’t respond to this… Best customer support techniques 2022 work from home


Imagine this,

you are having such a hard time with a product you just bought, and you don’t find any other option but to contact customer support. You give them a call, and finally you get an agent after waiting on the line for more then 5 minutes. You are frustrated and express that to the agent who is not paying attention to you, he asked you to repeat your problem and it seems he is not even understanding and not even a single empathy phrase! What would you do?

If you ask me, I would already be returning the product and looking for a competitor!

This scenario is causing businesses to lose control over the way they deliver messages to their customer and demonstrate them you genuinely care about them because of the lack of well trained representatives. Don’t worry, I am adding here an effective and time friendly training for Empathy Statements you can use for your remote or inhouse team. I also added a short 1 minute video explaining the steps of the video. Got to check it out!

Empathy phrases
Empathy phrases call center training




  1. The right use of words for communication  has a major effect on the customer’s perception of our services.
  2. By using empathy statements, we reassure the customer we understand their needs and how they feel about our product
  3. Use ACTIVE LISTENING at any point of the conversation.
  4. Rephrase the customer’s inquiry to demonstrate you care about them. 
  5. Some examples of empathy statements:
  • We can help you with that!
  • I understand you are having concerns with your subscription, I’ll be happy to help you fix that!
  • I will make sure that is taken care of for you
  • I understand your concern, The best way to work with this will be to…
  • I am sorry to hear about your bill, I will be happy to help you with that.


Examples of rephrasing

Customer: I need to cancel my hotel room! I got a flat tire and I won’t be able to make it!
Agent: Sorry to hear about your flat tire, I will be happy to help you with your hotel cancellation.


Here is the video link for the training uploaded to our YouTube channel where you can find more trainings like this:


If you want to dive deeper into the Empathy phrases topic or want to get more options you can add to your script, check out the following website where I got some inspiration from. These guys rock!

Seven empathy statements for customer service

Also, the featured picture for the article was thanks to Alex Green, here is the link

Thank you all for your time and I wish you a good day!

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