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Drakeo the Ruler fatally attacked at concert in Los Angeles. [Dead at 28]

28-year-old music star Darrell Caldwell aka Drakeo the Ruler pronounced dead after suffering a fatal stab wound to the neck at the Once Upon a Time Concert which took place in Los Angeles.

According to the L.A times, Paramedics responded to an emergency call around 8:40 PM and rushed to the hospital with a non-identified person who was rumored at that time to be Drakeo the Ruler.

Darrell had turned 28 this past December 1st, this independent artist managed to climb to fame thanks to his unique “beat” and style accompanied with meaningful lyrics describing his life experiences and lifestyle. He performed with superstar artists such as Drake and was meant to become a major influence in Hip-Hop

Fans and Artists were shocked and saddened to hear this tragedy happening during this music festival, some thinking this major tragedy could have been prevented since there were altercations prior to the incident by having Security, and plus being one of the biggest artists in L.A. there was no reason nor need for him to be in that kind of situation by himself, our thoughts and prayers to the family of Darrell Caldwell.

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