Why Agents quit from work

Why do agents leave?

The lack of commitment is being a common issue nowadays and it comes from both sides; employers and employees, but if your company is offering excellent conditions, why do workers still leave?

Covid 19 has transformed the expectations due to many ways to earn money while a lockdown is going on.

The pandemic of Covid 19 became something positive for some people, basically, it has created new types of employment and not only that, many other ways to earn money not even going out from home. This situation is being a problem for companies because they are spending money training new employees and they are quitting at the next week.

What are employees looking for? To stay, employees are looking for remote jobs so they can avoid spending money and time to arrive at the company´s facilities, this is only one of the most common interests.

How companies can offer that?

A remote job requires more quality control, that´s why an easy way to offer it is outsourcing, because outsourcing companies are more focused on it, while you can focus your attention on other tasks to make your company grow up.


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Other reasons why new hires quit their jobs…


People always will need a period to adapt themselves and then have that phase of training and learning. Sometimes the companies have many other areas which demand so much of their attention, the hiring process is just one of them, so they do not focus all their attention on that, due to that, the process can be weak, a weak hiring process definitely will result in people quitting jobs because they won’t have certainty of stability and commitment. All this matters and it can be a relief when an outsourcing company handles that hard part, avoiding the negative direct effects of attrition and turnover of employees.


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