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Why Is A Call Center Important For Your Business [Contact Center BPO]

Why don’t you just call and ask? Is probably the most common rhetorical question we hear after we plan complicated ways to complete our errands. “Just call and make the payment over the phone, pay it online!” and in today’s COVID-19 era, “call and see if what the health restrictions are”.
So, if you haven’t figured why it is important to have someone behind your phones and keyboards, the universal truth about a business success is how well we adapt to situations to make our customer’s life easier and NOT complicated. As business owners we often forget to put ourselves in our customer shoes and understand how they think, I don’t remember where I heard this phrase, but it stuck with me and hopefully you’re able to relate as well as I did, Customers only listen to WII FM radio (What’s in it for me) and will only show interest if the benefits you offer align with their needs unless your product is unique and has no competition, it’s crucial how well we communicate those benefits and features of our product and/or service.


It’s not only me saying it only because I promote a BPO contact center, but because it is congruent and logic to think how crucial it is for you to be available to ALWAYS answer your customer’s concerns and clear any doubts to achieve a sale. Allow me to list some of the channels you can use to be available to your customers:

  • Direct communication: When you’re able to exchange words and thoughts with the customer directly.
  1. Voice Channels, traditional phone calls.
  2. Written Channels, Live Chat support via social media, your website, Messenger apps. Email support.
  3. Face to face, Walk-ins to your business office/place.
  • Indirect communication: when you facilitate your service information and make it available to your customers and prospects through SOCIAL MEDIA, Email Campaigns, YELP and google review responses, Forums, Your blog etc.

It is Important that you start looking for ways to implement at least one of these communication methods so you can maintain and create loyalty with your customers, it is more expensive to get new clients than keep your existing ones, remember what’s out of sight is out of mind.

Each channel of communication is a gateway of new business opportunities, the RIGHT combination of these ensures a strong foundation for your business to continue growing and expanding in this ever-competitive market we all love and grew fond of.

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