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How to properly place your customers on hold. Hold procedure for call centers



Training and Development for call centers – Proper hold procedure


Have you ever been on the phone with a customer support representative who will just literally press the hold button and sends you the the annoying elevator music? It feels like someone is shutting a door right on your face. There is a simple and quick way to place our customers on hold that I would like to share with you and your team!

I remember pretty well a young lady complaining about this, she was going off with a supervisor how rude the agent had been throughout the call and how would just place her on hold without even acknowledging that, and would take over 10 minutes to come back on the phone with no resolution. She seemed to be familiarized with social media so I bet that was a bad review that office got that day on line.

Why should I know how to place a customer on hold?

Customers really hate talking to someone rude and disrespectful on the phone. Reviews on line about agent’s lack of professionalism on the phone are abundant on line. It is a 3 steps process knowing how to ask for your customers to wait on the line!


Place your customers on hold the right way!
Place your customers on hold the right way!


Pollux BPO “How to place your customers on hold” training

We have put  a very comprehensive and short training together to give you and your team the basics on how to place your customers on hold in a professional way and transmit, with the correct wording, you really care about them!


How to properly place a customer on hold?

  1. Ask them for permission to place them on hold
  2. Let them know for  how long they will be waiting
  3. When the time is up, return to the customer on the line, thank them for their time and ask them for permission to place them on hold if you need more time

Use this to place your customers on hold:

* Mr. Smith, do you mind if I place you on a brief hold for 1 or 2 minutes? – Wait for a response  – Thank you very much!

when you return on the phone:

* Thanks for your holding time Mr. Smith, I’m still working on your request, do you mind if I place you on hold just for 1 to 2 more minutes?


Other training videos:


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