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Contact Center's future in the Metaverse [Evolution to Decentralized Support in 2022]

Since Mark Zuckerberg announced on October 28 the arrival of the METAVERSE, or simply META, there is a new conception of the world as we know it. The fact that the Metaverse is virtual, doesn’t mean it is less real. 

But What Is The Metaverse Exactly?

The Metaverse is basically, the next generation of the internet. It supports persistent online 3-D virtual environments.

The metaverse has come to revolutionize everything. Fields like education, retail applications, and the way we currently do business will be directly impacted by the new version of the Internet.

Now the question is, how are Contact Centers going to evolve to offer a new concept of support to consumers?

Well, that is a good question!

I will tell you how I am visualizing our Contact Center to match the new augmented reality by its estimated lunch for Early 2022, but first, I would like to talk about what would be the platform we will be using to make our own Contact Center Land in a decentralized universe. 

If you are following all the trends with crypto and the new way of trading goods, you might have heard of DECENTRALAND MANA. There, you are given a chance to challenge your imagination and create games, puzzles, rooms, and more scenarios to share with your friends (At least that is the main reason for the platform).

So, what does Mana have to do with all these contact center operations and how do I visualize it working hand to hand with a new Support Concept?

I am thinking we can create a room for customers to access at any time, see the most common inquiries about the related product, access salesrooms, access customer support rooms, and just like when you go to the bank, you will receive the service you are looking for, but on a virtual fashion. ‘

What I can tell you is that the world is changing extremely fast, and not only people but businesses HAVE, well, MUST adapt to the new trends, the new way of living, the next step in our civilization. By far, is good to expect this will not be the last change, but it’s the beginning of a new conception of reality. Every day there will be new unimaginable products made by minds which are being given more space to expand their ideas and help us harness a future where you will be next to someone regarding their geographical position. 

Since this is a fairly new topic, there is not much information we can get online, but, I will make sure to keep you updated with any updates we have about this interesting new way of doing things. 

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