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New Variants of Covid-19 and the Phygital Era ... [2022]

The covid19 is evolving every day, new variants are appearing, even with the vaccination campaigns worldwide, it seems the virus is here to stay for a while.

Now an important question: Should we worry about it or get used to it?   

Ok, it is not that we don’t have to worry about it, but instead of wasting our energies just being worried, we should think about continuing our lives while the health authorities get control of the virus in the best possible way.  This is one of the most important reasons why everyone should be up to date about new technologies and work processes.

This reality open a way for  a new phenomenon which is now known the “Phygital” era; as the combination of Physical and Digital era, as a result of the new normality after the Covid 19 appeared, we all know that most of the physical experiences as clothing shopping, going out for a dinner, among others are very hard to replace for virtual ones, but due to the evolution of the Covid19, virtual experiences are everyday more needed, that is why many companies are understanding the importance of having virtual support to sell or as a post shopping process; customer service, nowadays people rather to start a webchat while doing something else instead of waiting on the line for a representative to assist with their inquiries, new ways of customer service,  companies understand the value of the time for everyone and that is way offering support in a multichannel way is understand that we are living the future now, channels of communication like: webchats, emails, chats and still keep calls for people who rather the warm of the voice of someone who can help you to guide the customers  into a fast solution.

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