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Pitch to apply to a project in upwork(2022 best tips and scripts)

Hey there,

It can be pretty hard to come up with the inspiration to apply to several projects and have to personalize each application.

There are picky employers who like something brief when someone applies and there are others that like more details added to the application.

Let me show you a good example that enlists the problem, the solution, and the call to action from a short application. Let me know in the comments what you think about this example we are enlisting here.

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script example

Hi there,

I am Luis and I am interested in working with you!

The importance of connecting with people to move a product is like oxygen to humans. We struggle and spend so much time trying to get a hold of the right person to offer our services. We have to deal with goalkeepers, busy schedules, people not interested or hanging up on us every day, and there are times you rethink and say, am “I doing things correctly?” and you try your hardest but things just don’t seem to change.

I can tell you, I have been a victim of that too. I had to reformulate my business plan or die with it.

Not every path to success is pink and there are many things to improve in your final product, up to a point as to why should we even call it “the final product”.

What’s good to me is that along those lines, I was able to learn something, THE IMPORTANCE OF NETWORKING. I can tell you, I feel identified myself with the project you have and I can certainly help you achieve your goals!

I have experience using LinkedIn and other tools and extensions that help me scrape information online, like who is the person in charge of most websites, other business associates, LinkedIn profiles, etc.

I have experience with Mailchimp as well. I enjoy creating email marketing campaigns, by using a lead conversion proven formula, not too much text, and focusing on headings and font sizes. I will share two examples of landing pages I have created:

I use Canva to create posts to any platform, any size, do color correction, compose images, layers, fonts, remove backgrounds, etc.

I can use office tools, google sheets, WordPress, Adobe Premiere Pro, CRM tools, Tool integrations, Outlook (Create rules, upload CVS contacts, create distribution lists, etc), and more!

Organization and a clear mind are key ingredients to success in any endeavor. Being constant and resilient are also characteristics any achiever must carry with him all the time. I am an achiever my self and I can tell you there is more than what I am capable of explaining with just text.

I am pleased I was able to get your attention and I am very excited I found this post and gave it a try. Please contact me at any time, I try to be as responsive as possible!

Luis Pineda

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