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Inside the Office. What are the SIX most time-consuming office activities? (Pandemic 2021 edition)

Inside the Office. What are the SIX most time-consuming office activities? (Pandemic 2021 edition) Whether you are a start-up company, or you already have been in business for a while, you will always face activities in your office that require time to complete. Filling out excel sheets, replying to emails, responding to follower comments, tedious and repetitive tasks that eat up most of your precious time, the time you can use in expanding your business to more and more doors.  I want to share very curious and interesting information in a study we conducted to over 50 offices in southern California. Make sure you stick to the article and implement what we found, you will surely see the difference.  In this blog, I have covered a list of some of the most common tedious and repetitive office tasks I have found  1. Gathering information from different systems, 2. Emails, emails, and more emails! 3. Meetings all day.  4. The “I Need to attend a call in five minutes” syndrome. 5. Time to Process orders.  6. Getting New employees.   1. Gathering information from different systems, Many companies use different systems to distribute their data. Employees who are helping your customer’s inquiries have to collect all this information from different backend systems and make sure they keep up with specific ways to handle each tool or software. This includes tasks such as logging in to different tools, input all required information, leaving notes, filling out call logs, reading emails and updates, etc. All of these can be automated by using different CRM tools or can also be outsourced and remove weight off your shoulders to freely move in the expansion field.  2. Emails, emails, and more emails! Email has and most likely will always be a great tool of communication among any company, however, emails don’t give you the ability to communicate freely among employees in regards to complex issues, and many threads of important information can get lost in unattended requests. Also, your inbox can easily get packed with a lot of requests arising from trends in the market, weather alerts, seasonalities, news, your own marketing campaigns, or any event that arises the need to reach your services.  Check how Pollux BPO can help your organization keep a clear and clear inbox at all times! What we would recommend is to implement training for specific employees and have an outsourcing team focused only on keeping those emails responded to. That will save you money and time and will keep your satisfaction rates with your customers always good. 3. Meetings all day.  Until you are living it, you dont realize how difficult is to organize a productive meeting. In a utopic meeting, people will already have all the tools they will use installed, their internet connection will be operative, they won’t have any audio issues, they made sure they are prepared for their meeting, they will follow up all discussions, etc. But not, for most meetings, this is not the case, and meetings end up being boring and unproductive. Planning your meetings beforehand can be useful. Making sure you have an agenda to cover all points is key to increase the productivity of meetings. Using case management platforms can also help you sending automatic emails to your employees to remind them of the meetings and show them links of articles they have to read before, collecting frequently asked questions, making sure all follow-ups are checked, and more. Ask Pollux BPO how you can implement this in your organization!   4. The “I Need to attend a call in five minutes” syndrome. I have personally been a victim of having to cut people because I need to get ready for my next call in 5 minutes. As much as you want, it is mathematically impossible to take all the time you want to listen to all events and things people want to share and be effective in addressing them.  We recommend using chat tools that help you quote and leave alarms to important comments or activities you need to pass to your employees. You need to make sure all ideas, for small they sound, are implemented. That is a good way to make your company grow consistently a reach long term goals.  5. Time to Process orders.  Many small companies still process orders manually. They receive the order on the email and they have to send another email that needs to be printed, then entered in other backend tools, and only then can be sent to fulfillment to get ready to be mailed out to the customer. This often involves many third parties using different systems too and can make it very difficult to keep track of the order and maintain all the required paperwork.  We would recommend using a CRM or a case management tool to help you ease the pain with the orders, especially with the upcoming holidays and how people are buying more from the comfort of their house. Also, outsourcing can become helpful to spend less on these repetitive tasks. You can have a team only focus on that for a lower wage.  6. Getting New employees.  When you have a new campaign you will need the workforce to deploy it. I have been a victim of prospects that are there just to hear but they are not really interested in the position or they will just take it for a couple of days and leave, then you have to train people again. If employees end up leaving you won’t grow anybody to get senior knowledge of the way you do things and that will always make it hard to transmit to customers, ending up in satisfaction levels go to the floor of bad google, yelp, or social media reviews.  Businesses also have to follow a huge number of laws related to tax and insurances. Many steps of the hiring process can be automated with a workflow system, videos can be created for training, frequently asked questions can be aligned. You can also count on a great amount of rising talent emerging from companies that certified them but their contracts are over or they are just looking for different horizons. Ask us how!  In my next blogs, I will show you most why are companies outsourcing their business to bilingual contact centers and how they are taking advantage of them especially in this upcoming holiday season. Thanks a lot and please contact us at for more information! Check our youtube channel as well!    

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